French Supreme Court Recognises the Jurisdiction of the Civil Court in the case against Total misconduct in Lake Albert region

On Wednesday, December 15-2021, the French Supreme Court (Court of Cassation) issued its ruling on the case against the oil giant Total, brought by Ugandan civil society organizations, French, organizations, and communities in Uganda impacted by the impacts of Total Oil exploration and drilling activities in Lake Albert region of Uganda.

According to Friends of the Earth France, “This is the first legal action based on the law on the duty of vigilance of transnational corporations. Putting an end to a nearly two years long procedural battle, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the CSOs, rejecting the jurisdiction of the commercial courts. As the violations continue and intensify in Uganda and Tanzania, the case will now return to the civil court of the first instance, which will finally examine it on the merits”.

The Albertine Watch welcomes the decisions reached by the French Supreme Court in this important cause. We believe this is the first step in holding Total Energies accountable and for the environmental harms and human rights abuse engender as a result of their Oil production activities in Uganda and Tanzania.

For more details;

Survie- Victoire! Total Uganda case: the Court of Cassation recognizes the jurisdiction of the judicial tribunal

FOE, Victory! Total Uganda case: the French Supreme Court recognizes the jurisdiction of the civil court

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