The mission of Albert Watch is to advance human rights and conserve the natural environment.

Beginning in early 2020, the Albertine Watch will engage in a robust process to implement two programs Environment and Human rights.


In 2020 – 2025, the Albertine Watch environment program will focus on;

Biodiversity Conservation

  • Conservation of endangered species and habitats by applying Civic Technology and data sciences as a tool for biodiversity conservation.
  • Application of modern technology and 21st Century innovative solutions that create new solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Digital and physical security support to individuals and organisations fighting the negative impacts of corporate environmental harms related to extractive, hydropower dam, large scale agribusiness mainly through media, technology, activism, and grassroots advocacy initiatives.
  • Disseminating environmental information related to biodiversity conservation and environmental protection.

(ii).Human Rights

The Albertine Watch human rights program will focus on;

Human Rights Defenders

  • Providing capacity-building support to human rights defenders and organizations at risk to enable activists and journalists under threat to continue their important advocacy to advance human rights, land rights, environmental rights, and indigenous people’s rights.
  • Disseminating human rights information related to human rights defenders protection, indigenous people’s rights, land rights, civil rights and technology for human rights
  • To achieve this mission, the Albert Watch will also continue with the mobilization of funding and technical support, capacity building for staff and volunteers to enable the organization to deliver its mandate of environmental protection and human rights defenders support.

The Albertine Watch new strategic plans ( 2020-2025)