How Yoweri Kaguta Museveni used late Brigadier Peter Karim to exploit Congolese Wealth.

From 1998 to 2003 , dictator Museveni deployed Ugandan military in Ituri.This was headed by the late brigadier Peter Karim who was a player in the conflict in Ituri. Museveni used late Peter Karim to switch support from one side to another in order to continue profiting from the Gold trade. Museveni kept backing and strengthening Congolese armed groups which seemed most likely to be able to seize or retain control of the Gold mines. Under BRIGADIER PETER karim command , Museveni directed opposing rebel groups at the same time .He further used Peter Karim to deliberately sow divisions between armed groups , an action that fueled ethnic conflict for the sake of economic interests.

Dictator Museveni and late brigadier Peter Karim exploited Gold not only in Ituri , but also in the neighbouring districts of Haute-Uele , this was commonly between 1998 to 2002 .In 1992 , late brigadier Peter Karim employed unsafe mining practices which equally led to the collapse of Gorumbwa Gold mine , killing around 100 miners.

Museveni further ordered Peter Karim to use force Labour and arrest in both Haute -Uele and Ituri ,in particular Mungbwalo .The Congolese were subjected to i’ll treatment and those who refused to cooperate were slaughtered in broad day light by late brigadier Peter Karim.

Museveni and Peter Karim are believed to have made substantial profits from the Gold trade . Much of the Gold produced in Ituri was exported to Uganda through Peter Karim Via Paidha -Goli custom in West Nile .These Gold were re-exported by Museveni as if they were Uganda’s domestic production.

Museveni also supported armed groups in Ituri , particularly the UPC.

In June 2002, a Canadian British Company Heritage Oil Corp announced that it would sign exploration agreement with Congolese government to allow her mine Oil which is found in Ituri in Lake Albert , on the border with Uganda .Nevertheless, the presence of Oil in this region is likely to lead to further war , not only between parties in the Democratic Republic of Congo but between Museveni’s regime and that of Joseph kabila.


Apparently, Museveni is using brigadier Dick Olum from the same region where late brigadier Peter Karim came from.The idea is to secure monopoly on Gold mining in Ituri .Already Dick Olum is profiting from timber and coffee from Ituri .Dick Olum with support of Museveni has already penetrated part of timbers sector in the greater North Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.He is already seizing and smuggling timber stock piles which had been left behind in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Museveni has created a logging company which is anonymously managed by Brigadier Dick Olum.

Reliable sources in Bunia informed us that Dick Olum and Museveni are fighting hard to get mining concessions in the territories they are interested in controlling in exchange for military equipments and other forms of support, primarily from Uganda .

Civil Society organisations in Ituri are worried that this action of Museveni and Dick Olum could cause Serious human rightz abuses in Ituri and orientale provinces In north eastern DRC.

Already the application of force Labour and violence against artisanal miner had been reported being used by Dick Olum.

Trafficking of natural resources by brigadier is engineered by Museveni. Dick is doing this against his will.He is acting on Order from above.

The wealth which both Dick Olum and Peter Karim accumulated derived from their participation in fraudulent exploitation of natural resources in Democratic Republic of Congo.Their activities in Ituri has helped the ruling NRM party to boost its income .It has further boosted the budget of Museveni’s political party and that of UPDF .

Dick Olum is probably the most successful example of this phenomenon , hiz participation in illicit exploitation of DRC resources Is designed not to benefit only Museveni’s family , UPDF, and NRM, but also to benefit himself and his family and the military department he currently head.

The illicit exploitation of Gold , timber and diamonds In Ituri accompanying Serious human rights abuses, could not be taking place on such a large scale if Museveni ‘s regime had not involved in these resources.

Evidence suggest that Museveni had by acts of looting , plundering and exploitation of congolese natural resources benefited much in terms of wealth .

This story was told to our sources in west Nile by Ofoi Shaban , the LC3 chairman of panyimur sub county who is a good friend of BRIGADIER Dick Olum. Shaban is also member of National Resistance Movement.





    • The problem we tend to use our emotions to react to important information which may require critical thinking. already but to my knowledge Alum and the late peter karim are all being used like pads and condoms by museveni and his tutsi criminals when knowing clearly that we have our brothers and sisters ( alur) in Congo.
      Ulum is not innocent he is a criminal and after museveni using him,they will also kill him soon.

  • We are doomed by the government.The usefull idiots.

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