Free Ola Bini

This Blog post is to help free our friend Ola who has done so much for this world. The Albertine Watch can attest to that and it pains us to see what is happening to him! Please read and take action. it is very important.

Call the President of Ecuador Lenín Moreno at +593 23 82 7000 and send him a tweet at @lenin demanding the immediate release of Ola Bini.

We at the Albertine Watch are very frustrated at what the Ecuadorian government is doing to one of the most brilliant developers and the leading expert in digital privacy and cryptography, Ola.

This is the guy who in 2016 mobilize developers around the world (Ghana, Congo, Ethiopia on the African continent) during the 2016 Earthquake to build a rapid response platform that helped first responders in Ecuador attend to those who needed help. How can they now try to paint him as a hacker? He has lived there legally. helped the people there…

Can you imagine that the government is trying to present him as a hacker who wanted to blackmail the president of Ecuador. Are you serious?

And to make the matter worse, they arrested him at the airport as he was planning to travel to Japan. Guess what they are presenting as evidence: cables, adapters, flash drives, books, pretty much what you will find in a developer’s bag.

We are beyond furious…

Ola is a very thoughtful, caring and gentle soul who truly cares about the world we live in. He has contributed so much in the Open Source community with not only code, but he has helped in getting people to be more conscious of online privacy.

This is a witch hunt as they are targeting those who care about digital privacy and online security !

So what are they doing?

They held him at airport as he was about to travel, did not allow his lawyers to see him, transferred him to a detention cell, held a pre-trial which states that they are going to keep him in jail for 90 days while the prosecution gathers evidence.

Have you ever heard of such thing before? What crime did he commit? No one is able to tell us…

This is CRAZY!!! And it could happen to anyone in Uganda, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda and any where on the African Continent.



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