Pakwach District Commemorates World Aids Day.

On the 22nd December 2017, Pakwach district local government in association with Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) joined the International Community and the Country to commemorate the World AIDS day under the national Theme: “Reaching Men, Girls and Young Women to Reduce New HIV Infections”. The Infectious Disease Institute through Pakwach district Local Government supported the district Union of persons Living with HIV/AIDs and the District health Offices to raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic, provided services, took stock of achievements, commemorated those who passed away and rededicated herself to the HIV and AIDS response.

The day was celebrated in Panyimur,Dei village in Pakwach district. The village has a very low level of knowledge about prevention of HIV transmission accroding to an activist. ” Attitude about use of condoms is very negative” said a source who decided to remain anonymous. Speaking to this website ,he said ” use of condom is almost a taboo among the women of mainly Congolese origin and is viewed as “lack of trust”. The village has very poor sanitation with few households having latrines because of the congestion and the difficulty in constructing latrines in the land recovered from a swamp, hence very high water table. Thus, no wonder, while Pakwach district has had almost annual outbreaks of cholera, almost all these outbreaks have started in Dei fishing village. Also food handling is poor with a lot of food sold while placed on the ground. In 2017 there were numbers of  cases of cholera in the district out of which 50% were from Panyimur sub-county and over 80% of these were from Dei parish.

The district used this event as an avenue to accelerate awareness creation and advocacy, community mobilization and re-energizing the role of leaders at household, community and national levels towards HIV Prevention and control .

The event was presided over by the district Local Council 5 Chairperson Pakwach district Steen Omito .

More than 500 participants turned up for the World Aids Day celebration .



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