Panyimur Sub County Boss is accused of Public fund theft.

The Communities of Panyimur accused the chairperson Local Council three Mr.Ofoi Shaban  on suspicion of public fund embezzlement.

Earlier on, anti-corruption activists have been investigating dozens of allegation of corruption in Panyimur Sub County and they have produced their evidences which indicate that the Sub county Chairperson Ofoi Shaban Kinobe embezzled half of the public funds meant for different projects in the Sub County.

The investigation produced by the activists concludes that between June 2016 to June 2017, Ofoi Shaban Kinobe  diverted half of the funds meant for public project to his personal account.

Data from the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development of the Republic of Uganda indicates that in the Financial Year 2016/2017, half of the funds allocated to Panyimur Sub County by Nebbi district Local government were misappropriated.

Extracts from the Ministry of Finance reveals that only Shs 5.9 million out of Shs 20.0 million allocated for sub county production services were spent by Panyimur Sub county  and the rest were diverted into personal business by the Sub County Administrators .The report further indicates that out of Shillings 15.0 million allocated for Boro to fund costs of running the Primary School  between July 2016 and June 2017, only 6.5 million were allocated to Boro and the remaining balances were transferred  into private accounts of the sub county administrators.

Additionally, a total of Ugandan Shillings 11.5 million which were allocated to fund the costs of running Dei Primary School between July 2016 and June 2017 were all embezzled and no parts of it were left.

Meanwhile, corruption scandals in Panyimur are not a new case. In 2016 a total of Ugandan shillings 100,000,000 donated by the Uganda Wild Life Authority went missing. The stolen Uganda Wild life Authorities funds were earmarked as crucial support for providing security to pupils from being attacked by Crocodiles that are common in Lake Albert. It was estimated that at least 5 primary schools would be fenced .These include Dei, Oguta, Kayonga , Boro and Kivuje primary schools .However, none of  the five proposed schools were fenced . Instead the council passed a resolution which only led to fencing Panyimur Primary School which was not initially planned for.

The story of Panyimur sub county is a representation of bigger pictures of loopholes in the local government administrations in Nebbi and Pakwach districts



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