Malice sighted in wrongful arrest, detention of Kyomya William & Omondi Micheal

In the Sunday Vision article that appeared on 11thJune, 2017, Page 6 by Farooq Kasule and Michael Odeng titled; UGANDANS FACE TERRORISM CHARGES OVER KENYA ELECTIONS, The Sunday Vision newspaper alleged that both William Kyomya Atwooki and Michael Omondi had been charged with terrorism for allegedly fabricating information stating that the Ugandan Government was planning to sneak Ugandans with dual citizenship into Kenya to vote in the recently concluded 8thAugust 2017 Kenya Presidential elections.

While in detention, they were Ruthlessly tortured at the notorious Nalufenya Detention Centre in Jinja for 2 months before being taken to Nakawa Magistrate Court. Her worship Christine Nantege read to them the charges. She didn’t allow them to plead but advised them to wait for investigations to end so that she sends them to the High Court for trail but remanded them to Luzira Maximum Prison on Thursday 2nd June, 2017 see Bukedde Kusande of 4th June, 2017 of Newspaper.

Since then, the case has never commenced for trial.

Well as in both articles, it was written that the suspects had been arrested on Thursday 2ndJune and brought to Court. The fact is that William and Michael had been arrested earlier between March and April 2017, and detained  and tortured in Nalufenya Detention Centre for 2 months without trial.

Police tortured them, through beating, electrocuting, with the aim of extorting information. This has so far disfigured them physically and mentally.  William has a hearing problem, throat complication while Michael has a spinal cord complication, all emanating from the torture subjected to them while in detention at Nalufenya. They have medical examination forms to that effect.

Their tormentors also forced them to admit that they were involved in the killing of AIGP Kaweesi and that they further confess plots for the next targeted assassinations of the top government officials including the Kabaka of Buganda; allegations they deny.

William was arrested on 19th March 2017 at Freedom City Mall along Entebbe Road at 8:30pm after a tip off by the State House Operatives. William was a Kampala business man dealing in graphic design and printing based along Nasser Road.

Michael is a nephew to Raila Omolo Odinga (the former Opposition Presidential Candidate in Kenya). He was arrested on 7th April, 2017 at Immigration office of Busia at the Kenya-Uganda boarder as he was returning from Nairobi Kenya. He had gone to finalize a multi- million-dollar printing deal for campaign material for the NASA Alliance of Kenya in preparation for the August 8th 2017 now concluded Kenya Elections. They unfortunately lost the contract due to this detention.

Political Malice and economic sabotage is sighted from individuals from State House and Police who had to see the deal fail because of their political affiliation.



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